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A third party software solution to help jumpstart your poker site!

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We all know the frustration of trying to get people to stay and play on your new poker site that you spent countless hours on designing it to perfection.  The bottom line is that players who log onto your site for the first time and find nobody to play against, are not likely to return.  Our bots are your simple solution to get the action quickly rolling at your No-Limit Hold'em games and to give players a reason to return to your site.

The iPokerBOT system is what any new PM poker site needs to help develop a client base.

Turn this...

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iPokerBOT products are specifically designed for use with the Poker Mavens poker software system.

It's time to get excited and relaunch your site using the iPokerBOT system today! is the only legal site for purchasing iPokerBOT products